Chinnamasta me susurra la música para su finalización

Chinnamasta comienza su finalización mañana. Desde temprano por la mañana hemos podido dedicarnos a la observación atenta de nuestras emociones en un rito de finalización. He cerrado el rito con música y quiero compartirla.

Incluyo las traducciones que he realizado de las letras al inglés para ciertos amigos de habla inglesa que sé que las disfrutarán.


«Al alba» de José Mercé. (At dawn)

If I told you, my love
that I love you at dawn,
I don’t know what stars are these
that hurt like threatson the sythe’s edge.

I sense that behind night
the longest night will come,
I don’t want you leave me
ay, my love, at dawn.
At dawn, at dawn
at dawn, at dawn.

The children we never had
are hidden in the sewers,
they are eating the last flowers
they seem to be divining,
that the day that is to come
ay, comes with belated hunger.


Thousands of silent vultures
are spreading their wings,
aren’t you destroyed, my love
as the silence moves forward?
Damned dance of the dead,
gunpowder of the morning.


«Se me olvidó que te olvidé» de Diego el Cigala (I forgot I had forgotten you)

I remember you darling,
you mean so much to me,
I always called you «my charm»,
I always called you «my life»,
today I forget your name.

I forgot I had forgotten you,
I forgot I had left you
far, very far from my life.
I forgot you are no longer here,
that you no longer remember me,
and my wound started bleeding again.

I forgot I had forgotten you
and as I never found you
hidden among the shadows,
the truth is that I don’t know why
I forgot I has forgotten you
I who never forget anything.