Melibea’s Body

In Kurukulla, I am inmersed, among other things, in the translation of The Alternative History of the Grail by John Lash, an intensive course on the power of the myth in human life. I strongly advise you to read it in English here and here in Spanish.

Again, the connection with Gaia and the human genius make their particular merge transpire in the sensory experiences that emerge in the course of the lunar shift and, in this shift, they come through a simple sentence: «The power of recognition». Living as we do in a society that enhances competition, envy and cocooning, today, through the beautiful music and lyrics of my favourite Spanish modern troubadour, Javier Krahe, I cast a spell of blockage to the enemies of life and their accessories, terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

With all the force that  my love to Beauty and the Life in this living planet inspires, I dedicate this translation to my beloved allies of Nemeta, the future Foundation for the Sophianic  Arts and Sciences and I openly RECOGNIZE your diligence, beauty, vitality and sanity. Equally so, I use this song to stand up against the psychopaths that go against life and the living.


(Venus Calipigia, periodo helenístico, Museo Nacional de Nápoles)

LYRICS «Melibea’s Body»

My hawk, my pilgrim,
today it led me to you,
its flight is my destiny
and you, Melibea, are my goddess, you are my goddess.

Call me Melibeo,
as Melibeo I am,
in Melibea I beleive
and I worship you, Melibea because today, because today…

Today I saw you naked in the garden,
green the altar, white the jasmine.

Body of wonder,
Oh, unparalleled beauty!
It would be a great disgrace
if in portraying you I were vulgar, I were vulgar.

Hence I do not dare
with my rough brush,
a new poet will name
all the names of your skin.

Of your skin…
that today I saw you naked in the garden,
green the altar, white the jasmine.

Your mantle was opened,
not being blind my faith,
mistress of every allure,
full of grace I contemplated you.

I would stay with you,
but my destiny is to wander,
you’ll be the faith of one day
that day by day I’ll invoke.

The lark is already dawning ,
my hawk is already taking flight,
Melibea’s body,
coming to an end is my adoration, my adoration.

Oh, sweet anatomy!
For I cannot take you with me
through my awkward route
I’ll take a bit of your altar, your altar…

Where I saw you naked in the garden,
green the altar, white the jasmine.

RG in Refinement with Kurululla (december 2016)